About Me

I have been interested in the healing arts ever since I was six years old and my tonsils were taken out. The first merit badge I received as a boy scout was for first aid. :) Because of my interest in the human body, I earned a BS in Biology and Chemistry. After college, I worked as a fireman and paramedic for 13 years. Healing, I have found, comes in many forms. For example, I have long believed in the healing qualities of music. As a musician and singer-songwriter, I started using music to bring happiness and healing to people (and myself!) since first learning to play the guitar when I was 12 years old. Also, I have found mindfulness, meditation, and yoga to be instrumental in my own healing and well being.

After being a fireman, I had an enjoyable and successful career in IT as a Microsoft Certified Engineer, but I realized that my gifts and passions still lay in the healing arts, so I decided to pursue a career in massage therapy, knowing it to be a powerful tool for bringing stress relief, wholeness, and healing to the body and mind for an improved quality of life.

When I'm not giving massages, I love singing and playing guitar, camping, sailing, dancing, and spending time in nature.